A Mind & Mood Boosting Brew


Organic kombucha infused with functional mushrooms. A delicious drink that gets you in a good headspace. Most feel the difference in as little as 7 days.

Say "Yes!" to the euphoric buzz & "No!" to the hangover. 

Our goal for 2026? Slash global mental health crisis rates by one thousand for each year that we brew our Magic Brew.

Your brain will thank you!

A mind & mood enhancing drink

Perfected through generations, we celebrate the purity and healing properties of Manchuria's tradition from 220 B.C. Born in Northeast China, our Kombucha is made from a base of scobby and organic tea. When re-fermented with 100% fresh juice from high-quality fruit, and enriched with nootropics the blend produces a sparkly probiotic drink that has a beautifully rich mouthfeel and unparalleled healing properties.


We're a family-run Kombucha brewery situated in the eastern part of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, founded on the idea that wellbeing should be accessible to all. It all started in 2012 when Ina, the founder, experienced her first burnout. With over 20 years experience in the corporate world she has seen it all. She witnessed that life for employees is extremely demanding, and that the endless demands for productivity coupled with the multiple societal challenges are negatively impacting our mental health.
Driven by a heartfelt commitment to address the escalating global mental health crisis, Ina published "Burnout to Breakthrough," and founded SHFT Happens, an organization dedicated to providing resources, education, and tools for mental and psychosocial support.

Today, SHFT Happens is the world's first Kombucha Brewery pioneering the mix of probiotics with nootropics, while consistently putting the global sustainability goals into practice.
Here's to enjoying the magic in every sip as we make the world a happier place! Cheers!

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