Chaga Kombucha Three-Pack

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Chaga Kombucha 

Chaga, a prominent medicinal and culinary mushroom commonly employed in East Asian traditions, offers a myriad of bioactive compounds sourced from its fruiting body and mycelium. These compounds encompass a range of valuable qualities, such as antioxidative, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, and hypolipidemic attributes. Furthermore, Chaga is renowned for its ability to provide support for neurological disorders due to its inclusion of neurotrophic substances capable of traversing the blood-brain barrier.


Kombucha is known to help promote healthy gut bacteria and we believe that the best ingredients enhance the benefits. That's why our kombucha is made with just 3 ingredients: 100% fresh pineapple fruit juice, organic tea & adaptogens. And it's delicious.

Bottle Size: 250 ml
Bottles Per Pack: 3
List of ingridients: Magic Truffles Infusion & Kombucha

23,00 €
7,67 € / 250 ml